Fading Point started out as the band Banus in early 2006. James, Michael, Randy and a friend used what free time they had to get together and jam. They wrote all of their own music and the band was a fun side project for all involved. With the amount of support received from family and friends, the members of the band decided to take it as far as it could go. In mid 2008 the band picked up singer Mike and they started to practice more regularly and play local gigs. After a falling out with their back up guitarist in 2009, Banus began to explore different aspects of their music.. They picked up Tim to fill the guitarist gap and he seemed to fit in perfectly with the playing style and direction that the band wanted to go. Banus spent the next year and a half getting involved with other local musicians, playing a multitude of local gigs, and doing some heavy practicing. The members reached a new comfort level amongst each other and began sharing ideas and pushing the limits of the creative process. The band decided to shed their old skin, and reemerged as Fading Point.